Your channel is filled with high quality content and videos, but you’re not getting the viewers you want? Don’t worry! This is a very common problem in 2019 as there are more than 23 million YouTube channels out there. It would take forever to grow your channel, if not impossible. You might be promoting your videos on forums, social media platforms and other external websites. Yes, that might help you with 9-10 viewers, but in the grand scheme of things, that won’t do much.

You might come across on buying YouTube views when searching online for tips on growing your channel. This is a common question that always lies in a YouTubers head: “Why should I buy YouTube views?” The simple answer is… NO!

You should NEVER buy YouTube views. Most websites and providers say that they offer real viewers, but in reality, the views are always botted. Buying fake YouTube views or botted views not only damages your video rankings, it can also demonetize your channel! But then.. why should you buy views from us? Well, there’re mainly four reasons on why you should buy from us.

  • Cheap Pricing
  • 24/7 Support
  • We don’t sell views. We sell the ads that gets you the views
  • 24 Express Delivery

Since all we have to do is run ads for your video, the pricing for our services are very cheap. Other companies (that uses bots) rents and buys computers to run the bots, which is expensive. This increases their prices for the 1st few months and then they are able to decrease their prices to below $1 for 1000 views.