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Here's Why You Should Buy YouTube Views

  • Growing YouTube Channel in 2020 is very difficult (especially with the whole Coronavirus pandemic going on, everyone is posting videos trying to get big on YouTube!)


  • YouTube SEO is important


  • Your Video Ranking is important


  • YouTube Views/Likes/Comments on a video DOES matter! (studies shown that the more views + likes your video have, the higher your video ranks)


  • Fake views can restrict, demonetize, ban your YouTube channel

Growing A YouTube Channel In 2020 Is Hard!

With over 1.5 billion users and more than 5 billions videos watched every day on YouTube, it’s common sense to use YouTube to build audiences, to get natural traffic for your website, or to sell your own products!


Ten years ago, getting popular on YouTube is pretty easy. For example, a video of the Dead Sea can reach more than 1 million views in just a week! But as time goes on, YouTube became one of the most used platform on the internet. More and more content creators are jumping onto the train every day, trying to fulfill their dream.


However, with YouTube algorithms changing every week, it’s really hard to grow a YouTube channel in 2020.


In order to grow your YouTube channel in 2020, your videos have to rank high on the search results. But that will be difficult. The amount of views and likes of your video plays a huge role in ranking. So if you don’t get a large amount of viewers, you will probably not rank as high as other videos in your niche.


That’s where we come in! We offer high quality YouTube views where we create ad campaigns to attract real people to watch/like your videos! Buy YouTube views now 😀

How To Take Advantage Of The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic (MUST READ)

With the recent Coronvirus outbreak, it changed many things. Including the YouTube industry! The YouTube gaming category’s viewership rose up by almost 20% (and rising)! This is your chance!


You should take advantage of this situation and really start making videos daily (well that’s if you want to be successful) in order to rank higher on the search results.


Yes, a lot of people will start uploading more and more people will start to upload. But this is where we come in! We can help rank your videos higher and receive more natural viewers.


The more views you get, the higher your video ranks (and yes, this cycle goes on forever until you get No.1 on the search results and 100,000s of views). Don’t waste this opportunity and start your YouTube success journey! 

We've Conducted A Study

We’ve collected data from over 10,000 keywords and search results to formulate the graph below! From the graph, we can see that there’s a clear correlation between the number of views and the rank of the YouTube video. With more views, your video will rank higher and be exposed to more viewers. Most of the other companies are cheating on your money. Some are selling 1000 views for a very cheap price by botting the views and some are selling the views at a very high price to make them look like a “premium” service. We don’t do that! We offer high quality and premium services at the lowest cost! 

When YouTube finds out (which happens all the time), your channel may get demonetized or even get deleted! That’s why you should buy real YouTube views and find a good provider that actually cares about your YouTube channel.

cheap youtube views

We Care About Your Success!

We really care about your channel! The high quality views that we provide are from real people viewing your video! If you want, we can even target many audiences from different countries! If that’s not enough, we even have a guaranteed 12 hours reply for your emails (often times, the reply will come within 1-3 hours ), PLUS, we offer refills your video FOR FREE. Fast delivery views tends to drop since they are low retention, which is why we recommend buying high retention views or the non-drop views for your YouTube channel.


If you are dedicated to grow your channel, here’s a list of things that we recommend you to do…

  • Spend time on editing and creating high quality thumbnails


  • Upload 2-3 videos every week and have a consistent upload schedule


  • Use a YouTube service provider to boost your view count (we offer affordable YouTube views and high quality views which is 100% safe and reliable)


  • In order to get more natural viewers, you’ll need more likes. The more likes a video has, the more likely a viewer will click on your video. (Our likes never drops… try out our 20 free YouTube likes offer)

Frequently Asked


Why Is Buying YouTube Views Beneficial?

Buying Fake YouTube views is not beneficial. In fact, it can hurt your channel! That’s why you should try to, if not only, buy real YouTube views.

Here are the benefits on how buying YouTube views is beneficial:

  • Ranks your YouTube channel higher


  • Speeds up your YouTube channel’s success/growth


  • More natural viewers and more people clicking on your videos


  • Have the chance of going viral!

I Want USA Views! Is That An Option?

Yes! We can target most of the countries, including USA (for a more detailed list, please check out our targeted views service). The watch time for targeted views is very high and the views never drop. Targeted views is great for small channels, especially if you want to rank higher on YouTube and get more natural viewers.

How To Buy Cheap YouTube Views?

Well, if you are looking for cheap and high quality YouTube views, you’ve came to right place!

Step 1: Choose your desired views package.

-The available services that you can buy are… fastest delivery views, high retention views, normal views and targeted views. We recommend targeted views for better growth.

Step 2: Add your desired service/package to cart.

-There will be an “Add To Cart” button on the services’ product description page. Click on that and you will be ready to go!

Step 3: Checkout!

-If there’s nothing else that you would like to add to your cart, all you have to do is checkout! Please fill in all of the required questions and provide us with accurate information to avoid conflicts in the future.

Step 4: Wait patiently for 12-24 hours

-You should start seeing results within 12-24 hours of your purchase. If the order doesn’t, please do not panic! All you have to do is send us an email and we’ll take care of the rest.

Do You Guys Offer 1 Million Views?

Yes! We are now able to provide over 10 million views to a SINGLE video! As the order gets larger, the delivery will take longer. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Want to buy 1 million views? Learn more here.

This service (1 million views) will be great for huge established channels, such as music, comedy, gaming, etc… One million views will be delivered within 1-7 days depending on your video content. The views will NEVER EVER drop since the views that we provide are real! We create ads for your video for people to watch 😀

Why Are The Services So Cheap?

Our services are cheap for one reason: We want to help YouTubers grow their channel instead of making a profit off of your orders. Don’t worry, the quality of the views stays high and does not drop! (fastest delivery views may drop due to low retention, which is why we recommend you to buy $2.99+ services)

Will My YouTube Views Drop?

No. Your views shouldn’t drop after we complete your orders. However, if you buy our fastest delivery views, views may drop. This happens due to very low retention of the views. If this occurs, please do not worry and contact us via [email protected]

How Long Does Orders Take?

Orders will start within 12 hours and will be completed within 24 to 48 hours! However, for higher quality services (high retention views, targeted views), the delivery may be longer. For other categories, such as likes and subscribers, the delivery will take longer. If you have any questions, please contact us via [email protected]

Are There Free Trials?

Unfortunately, we do not offer free trials. This is because the views that we offer are already very cheap (3-5 times cheaper than our competitors) and very high quality. However, you can try out our 500 YouTube views for $1.49. Please realize that fastest delivery views may drop, so we recommend buying high retention views instead. You can buy 500 YouTube views here to “try” out our services.

Are The Views Real?

Yes! We use real marketing techniques to attract real viewers to your videos. This is why out of thousands of orders, zero channels have been banned/restricted! Buying real YouTube views is also beneficial for your channel (read the article above), which can lead to great success and more natural growth.

Here's all the services that we offer! (and the pros and cons)

Here’s something that you should know and we won’t hide it from you. Although the views for the $2.49 service are real, the views will drop due to the low retention! If you want non-drop views and high retention, we recommend you to buy high retention YouTube views (check out the service here). Our retention ranges from 2 to 8 minutes!


Buy Instant YouTube Views

Yes, we do offer (fast) instant YouTube views. The delivery of these views will be delivered within 12-24 hours!

NOTE: 0-6 hours delivery is NOT possible. If companies are offering this in their description, they are likely to be using bots and providing you with fake views.

CONS for this service… Although the service is very cheap, the views will drop due to the low retention of the views. We will, of course, refill the views. But please note that the refilled views may also drop, and you may have to get your video refilled more than once. This is why we recommend you to buy high retention YouTube views, in which the views never (rarely) drops. 


Buy USA YouTube Views (or any other countries)

This service will be great for your channel growth! Not only the retention is high, these views will really rank your videos! The delivery can range from 24-72 hours.

NOTE: If you decide to buy targeted YouTube views, please specify which country you would like to target in the “additional information” section.

CONS for this service… The delivery are a little slower. But the longer wait time is worth the benefits! 


Buy High Retention YouTube Views

Like we stated before, the retention for these views range from 2-8+ minutes! These views will be great for small channels looking for monetization and watch time.

NOTE: Most of the companies are offering less than a minute retention for their “high retention” views. So beware!

CONs for this service… Although the retention is much higher than fast delivery views, the views may drop once in a while. If this happens, please contact us via [email protected] and we’ll check what the problem is.