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There're Plenty Of Companies Providing IG Services... Why Us?


Do you have a business or a brand that’s on Instagram? Do you have a problem with low follower count and a low number of likes? If so, please read more about our company!

Just like any other legit social media marketing company, we create ads and promote your posts/videos online! This brings traction to your business and helps your business grow. What makes us stand out is our pricing and our customer service! Since our mission is to help influencers grow their business/content, we offer our service at a very low price and we literally earn nothing from it! Also, our customer service replies within 1-6 hours, which is 4 times faster than most companies.

Why Should I Buy Instagram Views?

Instagram is a very competitive platform, with over 95 million videos and photos are shared on the platform. It’s common sense that Instagram’s algorithm favors and ranks posts/videos with a higher number of views, followers and likes. So purchasing more views, likes and followers can really help your posts get more visibility and attention!

Our services are great for people that are struggling or people who wants to grow their Instagram page. Most of you are probably creating great content and entertaining content, but aren’t getting the number of views/followers/likes that you want. If you don’t get a boost, it would be really difficult for others find your content! This is where we can help. We can deliver thousands of video views within hours to shoot your video to the top!

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Response Time

Our support team will usually respond within 1-6 hours to your emails! This is a guarantee and will be kept 99% of the time 😀


Instafamous Pro: Just like any review, we ordered one of their packages, which was for 1000 followers at $12.99. After we gotten our order, we waited to see if the followers dropped. Around one-fourth of the followers delivered dropped within 2 days, so we emailed them on the fourth day of purchase to see if refilled was provided. We were surprised that our email was replied within 12 hours since the response time for most companies are usually longer than 24 hours. Sadly, they do not provide refills.


StormLikes: We bought the $12.99 package that gave us 1000 followers. The followers was delivered within 18 hours. However, when we checked the accounts, there were no account profile pictures and it was easy to tell that they used bots. Within the next 7 days, the followers stayed and we were very happy. Then on the eighth day, the followers started to exponentially decrease. More than half of the followers dropped within the first 10 days and then the decrease started to slow down. We emailed them about this issue and asked for a refund several times but received to response.  After 2 weeks we’ve decided to let this go and move on. (Many other customers aren’t getting replies to their problems – check their Trustpilot site here)


Buzzoid: This company ordered Trustpilot reviews for their Trustpilot site and was penalized. If you want, click here to see that they were ordering fake reviews. Moving on! We ordered 1000 followers for $12.99 and received the order within 8 hours. We were surprised that their delivery was fast and they had good quality profile pictures. The “thank you” email was replied within 8 hours. So you are looking for a good alternative to our services, make sure to check them out!

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Frequently Asked


Why Are The Services So Cheap?

Our services are cheap for one reason: We want to help you grow your Instagram page instead of making a profit off of your orders. Don’t worry, the quality of the views/followers/likes stays high and refills are provided.

Are The Views Real?

Yes! We use real marketing techniques to attract real viewers to your posts. This is why out of thousands of orders, zero channels have been banned/deleted! Buying real Instagram viewers is beneficial to your Instagram page and can boost your visibility on Instagram!

How Long Does Orders Take?

Orders typically start within 4 hours and will be completed within 6 to 8 hours! For other categories, such as likes and followers, the delivery will take longer. If you have any questions, please contact us via [email protected]

Am I Allowed To Use This Trial More Than Once?

No. Each Instagram page will only get 100 views for free. For more views, you can buy more Instagram views for your posts. Get your 100 Free Instagram views now!