How To Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2019

Are you having troubles growing your channel? Do you want to grow faster as a content creator / music artist? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this will be the only guide you’ll need to grow your channel! Consuming every piece of information is highly recommended as the tips / suggestions can really skyrocket your channel. Without wasting more time, let’s dive right into it!

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This figure shows a “cycle”, but most importantly, it shows how important it is to rank your videos on YouTube. There are many ranking factors for a video.

Consistent Uploading Schedule

This is a big one. The more videos you upload, the higher your videos rank. this is why vloggers can get millions of views and grow faster; they upload videos daily. Although you don’t have to upload daily, it is recommended to upload at least 2 videos per week! Also, it is also recommended to have a schedule. (For example, uploading every Monday and Wednesday @ 12 o’clock)

Good Equipment / High Quality Videos

Many YouTubers claimed that equipment doesn’t matter. Well that’s just complete BULLSH*T! If you are a vlogger, you’ll need a camera that’s capturing 1080p 60FPS. If you are a music artist , you should already have a high quality microphone with background noise cancelling. Of course it will be expensive to buy these things… However, if you are truly dedicated or if you really want a successful YouTube channel, then good equipment is a must. Below is a list of recommended equipments that we’ve tested and used before. (pros and cons will be included for each recommendation)

More Natural Views = Faster Growth

We’ve recently conducted a study on how view count affects the taking of a video. The results shouldn’t be mind-blowing, in fact, it’s common sense! Our data shows that the more views a video has, the higher (usually) the ranking of the video is. This is one of the reasons why it is very difficult for smaller channels to grow.

Although you can promote your videos on other platforms (Facebook groups, forums…), this method might get you one or two viewers, which is very inefficient for your time. The chances of you going viral by promoting your video on social media platform is nonexistent. This is why you should strive for higher video rankings!


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